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Frequently asked questions
Question:  Is your service offered to individual residents?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY!  Give us a call at 1-877-312-9274 or schedule a pick up on line. We normally pick up and deliver Monday thru Friday o Our turnaround time is 48 hours. Less than 48 hour time can be accomodated but there will be an additional charge. Orders over 70 lbs will require an additional day to service.
Question: How should I prepare my laundry for pick up?
Answer:  Place laundry in non-vented laundry bags (the one without the holes), plastic bags that close either by drawstring or tie (trash bag is such an ugly term but use them).  Do not send hampers or laundry baskets. Include your order slip or paper with name, phone and email address. Driver can label on arrival so be sure to tell us in advance how many bags you have.
Questions:  How am I Charged 
Answer:  We will weigh your laundry and calculate your dry cleaning charges.  You will receive an invoice by email detailing your laundry and dry cleaning charges. You will pay your invoice by credit card or Paypal upon receipt. If you have purchased a pre-paid package  you can pay for your services immediately and you will be invoiced for any excess pounds.

Questions:  Are comforters and blankets included with services.

Answer:  Comforters are charged at a different rate. Comforters that are laundered are charged as follows:  King ($15.00)  Queen ($12.00) Twin size comforter ($8.00)

Question:  Can I pay the driver in cash or pay with a personal check?
Answer:  No.  All orders must be paid by credit card.  The driver will not collect any funds from customers. Commercial accounts are invoiced and checks are accepted.
Question:  What type of detergents do you use?
Answer:  All name brand detergents and softeners are used including fragrence free detergents and green detergents for laundry. 
For further questions send us an email at